Grade 9 and 10 Subject Choices
Arts Subjects

Visual Art

This is a multi-media course in making art, that is drawing, printmaking, painting and three-dimensional work. Students will also be discovering and documenting the Visual Arts’ role throughout history, society, and culture as well as developing a greater understanding of the creative process through research and experimentation. The workbook is a key feature of the course and is used to inform and develop ideas through to a resolved artwork.


In this course students are encouraged to act in ensembles to produce plays through interactions with Commedia dell’arte traditions, Children’s theatre, and Shakespeare. Students discover how theatre can influence societies, cultures and political beliefs through devising original work. In additional to working collaboratively, students also research and perform individually.


This course promotes a clearer understanding of how we communicate using visual images. There will be the opportunity to explore and create short films, advertisements, documentaries and film trailers.

Music Fundamentals

This course is designed for those students, who already have a background in music and who play an instrument or sing. Focus is on laying a solid fundament for further music studies. At this level, students are already expected to read music. Use of music technology: Sibelius, Logic X

Design Subjects

Product Design

This is a very practical course for students who really enjoy making things and to solve real live problems. It is based on a model of learning that incorporates knowledge, skills and design principles in problem-solving contexts. The students will be using Computer Aided Design, 3D printing, electronics systems and physical modelling as they develop prototype solutions to problems in consumer product, architecture, vehicle and lighting design.

Graphic Design

In this course we will be coming up with ideas for marketing, corporate identity, logo design, packaging solutions etc. using the latest digital software to generate photorealistic renderings as well as traditional media to communicate ideas and concepts to clients.

Food Design

In this course students will continue to design food products to solve real life challenges. The course combines the conceptual and practical elements of food design.

Digital Design - Applications

This course involves students working with existing software to solve real world problems with practical solutions. Students will use a range of multi-media applications including graphics, audio and data manipulation software, Desktop Publishing and Web design and consider the issues raised by the use of these technologies in the 21st Century.

Digital Design - Programming

Students will learn the concepts of Java coding, design object-oriented applications with Java and create Java programs using hands-on, engaging activities. At the end of the course students will have the option to sit an Oracle Java Certification exam.